2019, a years to place things and be set the focus on 2020.

Yes, pun intended.

So, here’s the situation. In the next few weeks, I’m planning on making 20 prototypes of a device I want to commercialize. I’m building 20, to test my production capability and also the market. A friend of mine told me to go this route and it makes total sense. If I can really build 20, and sell them, and provide the service I want. Then I can evaluate the market, and see if there is a place for me to make it there. It might seem a bit cryptic and I’m sorry about that but until I’m running loose with my horse, I’d rather keep some details relatively secret. I know that my blog has very few readers and it wouldn’t matter much but I don’t know, I’m cautious right now. I’ve ordered some parts from China and they’ll be home soon. I’ve tested a few features and it is all very promising. Very excited about this.

I’ve also confirmed with my employer to make sure I’m not going to get into any kind of trouble. I was a bit nervous before meeting the legal department but came out of the meeting with the same symptoms but clearly, it was more excitement than nervousness. I mean, the last possible external force that could prevent me from actually trying this venture had given me a green light and the only thing that was requested was, should I ever really pursue this as a separate business, it would need to be declared and documented that it is not part of my regular day job. Sure, I’ll sign up the paper once I get there.

So yeah, my goal about 2019 is mainly to set every pieces in place, have that market tested and be ready to jump in 2020 should the opportunity be there. Work is pretty intense and loaded for the next month so I need to recharge when I get home and can’t do much at the moment but fall will bring its wind of change and I’ll be able to set things in motions.

I remember hearing Simon Sinek talking about how we tend to confuse being nervous and being excited. Both share the same symptoms/body reaction, sweaty palms, accelerated heartbeat, faster breathing. I feel, once again, like I might have something, a product that can make it. I’ve had ideas in the past, stuff I wanted to do that I felt had potential but rarely did I put this much effort, energy and actual real actions in order to make it happen.

I’m kind of joking that this could replace my day job in the next few years. I’ll admit that I’m really not there yet. Would I like to live off the fruits of an invention of mine, damn right. That would be awesome. I’m not putting on pink glasses and imagine it will happen effortlessly, I’m not naive, just a bit of a dreamer.