About a Spartan Race

Okay, I’ve read that no two spartan races are the same but I wonder how they could have made the one In Mont Tremblant more difficult. 8km of harsh terrain, climbed half way to the summit, no knots on the climbing rope. I’ll admit that I had the idea it would be easier. After looking at many video on the net, and seeing post on facebook from some friends, I tought “they aren’t in shape, its probably not that tough“. Damn was I wrong.

I now see a Spartan race as a test.  It does test your endurance, physical strength but it’s mostly a test of the mind.  A few people were wearing some t-shirt “Have I really paid for this?”   Before the start, I found them amusing but I have to admit they are oh so true.

Here’s a bit of what I went through.  It started by a small jog with too many people stuck together then it went down in the mud and up the hill.  further up than I expected but not that bad.  We all came back down and then a few obstacles.  I made it through many but had to do the burpees at the rope climb.  They were rough.    I had to catch my breath before carrying the heavy bag up and down the hill.  I made it succesfully in the monkey bar then I drank some well deserved water.  I started shaking.  My legs felt weak, my hands were shaking.  I heard I was at one third of the course.  I looked around.  I started to evaluated the idea of quitting.  I usually don’t quit when it all depends on me.  I took a few deep breath and I looked at the path..  It was heading upward.  I changed my mindset and goal to “just make it through”.  I made it through the rest of the course, climbing all the way to the end of the first chairlift.    Making it back down, helping strangers above the walls.

Once it’s all done, I was proud.  I received my medal, my tshirt, drank a lot of water.  And I started to wonder, did I like that ?  At that moment, my answer was : not that much.  Would I do it again.  I’m really not sure.

A friend of mine asked, what didn’t I like and i was not able to come up with an answer.  As the days passes, i think that I didn’t like to meet my limit.   I still have some thinking to do on it.  There will be another post in a few days on the topic.