About me

Here are a few words about the owner and author of this blog.

I’m a programmer analyst, typical average geek.  I always have a hard time giving a short answer because I think every question deserve a story that causes the answer.  I’ve always love to write stories, invent a few one, exaggerate others to make them interesting.

Back when I was in college, before blogs existed (or barely) I started a virtual diary.  I was sharing about everything and nothing.  Sometimes being a little provocative, even disturbing but eh, I was in my early twenties and God knows boys are messed up at that age.  Eventually, I stopped writing and even censored the old diary.  That was when I became a dad.  I became worried of what my kids would think when they’d read parts of my like crudely written.

Over ten years passed and I feel like I could go back.  This blog will be about my opinions, ideas and thoughts but mostly, I’ll write some sort of short fiction stories. I’m not sure if it’ll be good, I’m not sure if it’s going to be worth your time but the first step is about to be taken; watch your toes, I wear safety boots.