Another season

Another season of running and races has started.  I didn’t run over the winter.  In the cold ice and snow, I decided to pass this year.  I wasn’t totally inactive, I was swimming once a week.  I tried to skip rope in the basement but the ceiling is too low to have a good motion and rhythm.  I went outside two days ago, nothing crazy, a little 5km with some walking recovery.  I am trying hard to keep a good pace.  I feel like this summer, I want to really  break through this plateau.  I’ve been running fairly slow last year, and I want better results this year.  I want that 10k in less than an hour.  I want to set new PR.

I need to fight my way through it.  Progression needs to happen.  I a registered to the Montreal half-marathon, I’ll be in a few MEC races.  I will make better marks this season.  I’ll push hard, I’ll push steady, it will hurt but results will happen.

I am not planning to be in a Spartan Race since the upper body shape is not there and I still have to shed some weight. The thing with the spartan race is that I fear an injury and miss an important race like MTL half.  I know it’s demanding, but it is more like a “partyish event” than a serious race.  I saw people not doing the burpees, or only 5 jumping jacks then get back on the course.  I don’t cheat, and it pisses me off to compete with such. Don’t get me wrong, I admire deeply the people doing the races, to their fullest, but if I have to choose between a spartan race and a half marathon, I’m not even thinking twice.