Barely Insane

I’ll start off by the fact that I am not clinically insane.  I tends to believe that we are all a little insane in our own ways.

I’ve figured that since my mind is constantly racing, thinking about loads of stuff and wandering, (and the fact that the domain was available) this is a good and suiting name.  So there I have it,

I realize that I didn’t spoke about this blog with my girlfriend. Should I ?  I mean, I’m not planning on exposing much about my couple’s private life, about our highs or our lows.  I have this to release pressure, ease my mind, not rant about private stuff.  This is a trend on the internet these days, exposing their own privacy.  I have no issue with the people who understand what they are doing but I feel sometimes, everybody should keep what is private to themselves.  There are elections races and some candidates were exposed to have untasteful pictures on their Facebook.  Like one of them was naked, side-sitting on the toilet.  He was not exposing any private parts, but please, why does one feel the need to share such picture.  I don’t get it.  I’m not saying only beautiful people should be allowed.  I am the first to claim that leggings are not pants and that applies to all so wearing this to go shopping is wrong.  Wide rear-end or tight buns alike, just don’t do it.  It is showing too much, leaving less to the imagination and that’s where it should remain. Put on some jeans, skirt, shorts, pareo… Yeah so, people are sharing too much their privacy.

My brain races, and I write a little more and more.  I’ll be creating a few small banners that I’ll try to post on other site through Project Wonderful.  Yes, I’d like to get a little traffic.  Feel like some are reading me.  I’m unsure on the level of interest but I feel that at least my Cold Day short story is worth a read.