For the time being, I’ll admit that this is more used as a blog than for writing stories.  I think I need to get the habit of writing before getting too much into stories.

I also have to get the setup right for the search engines and register on them all.  I mean, really, there is not only Google on this planer. yahoo is still out there.

As I was looking on how to get people to read my blog, I realized that what I’m writing so far ain’t very entertaining.  It’s much more to ease my mind.  I am quite unsure how this will turn out.  In fact, what I wonder is more on the “visits” what this site will get.  All those tips were nice but I am not sure if there is something for me in there.

It seems like my brain is going a 100 mph right now, but I get nothing precise, everything is blurred.  Like taking pictures while driving, or from the passenger’s side, I mean, the eye sees it all and it,s beautiful and clear but the kodak isn’t rending fast enough to be able to share the view.  Does this really makes sense ?