Boston minus 21 days

How about a quick status update.  I am three weeks away from the Superbowl of marathon and things are looking fairly good.  Okay, the Canadian winter has been a pain so far, I ran most of the time inside on the treadmill. I haven’t grown an aversion for the dreaded machine so far; very good.  I am still far from thinking about buying one for myself and run at home.  That ain’t gonna happen.  

So the last 11 weeks of training runs occured in the gym and I realized that I never really talked with anyone. Other than the casual “Hi” at the clerc when coming in and the “have a nice day/you too” when leaving, no chatting at all. Usually, give me an opportunity and we’ll talk and I’ll introduce myself.  But in 11 weeks, that never happened.  Okay, I’ll admit that once, with the receptioninst, when I registered; we talked about running as runners always tend to talk about.  But I haven’t seen her in a good while and I don’t know her name.

Okay, so, the training has been going according to plan regarding the mileage.  I’ve had one minor hiccup due to food poisoning and it made for a smaller week but I was able to catch up and I’ll be able to execute my longest long runs this Sunday and the next.  Last week’s long run was 30 km/18 miles.  I did 26km of those indoor and the last 4 outside as the sun was shining and it felt warm enough for a such distance.  Although the distance was rather short, I was able to maintain a good pace considering I already did 26km.  5:45min/km in average, I was very happy and it brought me a lot of confidence in the training I did.  I heard a lot of “Treadmill ain’t like running outside” so I was fearing that the mileage wouldn’t be effective enough but I think it will be.  Starting this week, I’ll probably go run outside as the temperature is supposed to be on my side. I definately want to do one significant long run outside be fully confident in my abilities. But I think a few 10km on evenings will give me a good idea of the current state of things and I’ll adjust my expectations.

The hotel is booked, I am wondering if I shouldn’t try to pick a different one closer to Boston transit system.  I’ll see. I’ll keep an eye on the deals and evaluate if it is worth it. I still haven’t receive my “Boston Marathon Passport” but it just arrived at a few people I follow on twitter. I am expecting it this week. My plan is still to leave Montreal in the night of Friday to Saturday, run the 5k in Boston, change clothes, visit the expo, explore the surroundings depending on the weather, then head to the hotel. I’ll probably do a stop or two to get some 26.2 Sam Adams beers for after the marathon, back home. Sunday will be a rest day.  There might be some activities with the Abbott group which I will surely attend. I might meet famous people again. Monday, I am running the marathon, collect the medal, re-join the Abbott group. The day will end at the hotel with some rest, hopefully in a hot tub/or bath for lack of.  Tuesday, I’m driving back home.  I’ll try to schedule my ride to stop periodically and stretch my legs.  On a car ride, I usually avoid stopping, I try to get to destination with as little stops as possible. But for the trip back, I’ll keep in mind that my body needs it.

So, yeah, the training is on par, the planning is on par and things are looking good.  The only thing I see right now is that I need new shoes.  Mine are closing in to 1000km and they won’t be the ones for Boston for sure.  So, I need to find good one, get then used to my feet and make sure it is ready. Maybe another compression shirt and shorts, if I’m in a  shopping mood.

That wrap things up.  I’ll probably try to do another post somewhere after my last “long” long run to assess the situation. And I’ll probably do a Recap of the race itself.  

Stay awesome.