What is it
I am not sure if it can really be called a web-comic but I find it pretty funny.

It mainly consist of a pun or mispronunciations that results usually into a mashup of two images into one.

like karaoke and kitten turns into kitteoke

or Shark Tank turns into


Do I like it
I’ll admit that I’m a fan since a few weeks.  My dad used to bug us kids with mispronouncing what we’d have just said.  I tends to reproduce that with my own kin.

Botaday is on my everyday comic check list.  It takes a second, I smile an go on with my day (or other comic).

The quality of the images is not there but I don’t think it’s a must for this type of daily.  The artist is quite constant on his style and the rendition is good enough for me.


What would I change
Nothing really.  To me, this type of comic is like finding a dollar on the sidewalk; a simple goodie.