Busy days

Well, the nice days of summers are around and with it comes a lot of busy time.  I’ve started to build a cabinet for our house, storing household items.  it, s going pretty well and I’m learning a lot in the process.  a few mishaps and errors I had to fix.  But when it’s done with the idea that if it doesn’t work,  you can always throw it away, it’s not so bad.

I also kept on training for the half marathon run.  This has became tricky.  I am getting cramps under the foot after only 2 miles.  It’s really a bummer as it keeps me from running long distances.  I have an upcoming appointment with a foot doctor as I expect to have flat foot.  So, to avoid loosing all the heart I gained, I’ve set back on cycling.  it’s not the same, and it’s a different effort but at least the legs a re moving and the heart is pumping.  But damn, it takes such distances. it’s incredible.

On the work itself, I’ve started working on projects for another office.  I am not a fan of working with people I don’t see on a daily basis but eh, it’s work and it pays.  I’m putting in the efforts and making the best I can to help this team.  Hopefully making a name for myself of being a good asset.

Things are going pretty well..  a smooth and quiet living, I like that.