Buying a house

My girlfriend and I bought a house a few years ago and it was quite a rush.  I noted things on each days and I wanted to write down what we experienced.  This will come.  It’s in French.

Void City Novels

Take everything you know about vampires and remove most of the romantic and shiny from it. Place the characters in an urban setting, and witness a rock’n roll story develop through the main character’s eyes and mind. This is how…
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Chasse au courtier immobilié

C’est une belle journée et nous sommes allé visiter des maisons.    On avait une petite liste de maison qui semblaient avoir du potentiel selon notre budget.  En fait, l’idée principale n’était pas de trouver une maison mais plutot de…
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Chili Con Carne

The following recipe is the original chili con carne that I adopted  I didn’t change anything to it other than the spices as I prefer a little more spicy and more beef.  I use some forgotten frozen steaks and other meat, I…
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