Chicago – 9th Marathon in 4 years, 3rd in 12 months

Chicago, the one that crushed me.

We’ve traveled to Chicago with a cold that I got from the kids and the exaustion of work and life. The two nights before the race, I woke up multiple time, expecting a kid beside my bed, went to the bathroom, getting back to sleep, rince and repeat. I was restless, fearing the race to come, knowing that I was sick and that the work overtook on the training and that I was going to pay for it. And boy did it cost me.

I did the first half in an “ok” time but the second half, I had to powerwalk the whole thing as I was out of breath quickly when trying to run. The legs weren’t too bad but the breathing was insufficient and rough. I completed, in 5h58m, voiceless, drained, tired, disapointed, bitter. I mean, the race, the organisation, all the Abbott perks, those were perfect and I am truly grateful for them. But here’s what I have on my mind; although I completed the course, I feel like the race did win over me. I lost on this one and I really don’t like losing, especially against a race, especially against myself.

Coming up next.

Ok, I’ve been running a lot in the last few years. I think it’s time to take a few minutes to reflect and figure where do I want to go from here. I’m not backing down from my commitment to run, at least, a marathon per year until I’m 50. I think I need to realize that, yes, I can run a marathon, yes, my body can make the distance within usual cut off time. But what’s next. Just more races completed? Faster time?

Strangely, at the moment, I have nothing on my schedule. My race calendar is empty. Well, not exactly as I’ve agreed to race the Commander Challenge in Ottawa next September 2020 but that is far enough and it’s a 5k followed by a half marathon so I’m not worrying much about that. This said, no marathon yet on the horizon. 2020 is a blank slate and I am not sure for the moment what to do about this.

I am pondering with the idea of running Cornwall marathon as it isn’t far from home, end of april is a gamble on the weather tho. I am also waiting on the draw from the Abbott World Major Marathon for the Abbott employee. My name might come out for London or Tokyo and that would quickly congest the schedule for Spring 2020. But why do I still want to do more of those hard events?

I might also have to figure what happened in Chicago. I have a bunch of excuses for the average performance: a cold, the wind (seriously Chicago!!!), the insufficient training, the fatigue/sleep depravation. But those are excuses. I mean, let’s face it, I’ve done much better performances in the past years than in the last year. And here, I’m comparing my time with my time, not with other’s performance. I did slower than before and I need to turn this ship around. I won’t stop training, and I’m still running. I did hit the treadmil at lunch yesterday, just to get the legs moving and ensuring that no injury/pain was hiding and it’s all good.

Priority, priority and priority.

I have a few projects going on and I need to place then in order because for now, I feel they are being pushed forward based on the flow of the moment and I’m not sure that is the correct way to go. Let’s see. I think that, until December 1st, weekend daylight spare time should be devoted to family time and building the shed as the weather constraint of winter is creeping in. Weekend evening spare time should go to doing my part in the housekeeping, and coding my side business. Week days, the spare time should be on the applied towards the housekeeping too. Running should be happening mainly during the week days lunchtime. I think that, for the next 6 weeks, running 3-4 times a week should be sufficient to not loose the shape and keep the brain sane. I think this is a good plan, for now.

We’ll see how that will happen in the real world.