The main idea is that I want to start writing and I feel this is most likely the best way for me to test if I can do it and if it’s worth it.

If I ever get an idea and don’t have time to write something about it or revolving around it, I’ll simply note it in the Flash Idea page.  If you like my stories and have a theme you’d like to have my view on it, feel free to send a comment on the page.

The stories I write are in the Stories page (I bet you didn’t see this one coming).  I suggest you don’t take them and copy them.  Don’t get me wrong, if you use my stories for some homework you have to do, it’s kind of flattering for me but you’re not learning nothing out of it. On the other hand, besides being illegal (ever heard about copyrights?), I’d tend to say that you’re dealing with dangerous material.  Some day, I’ll go more in details about the risks but now is not the time.

You might be wondering how often will I post, I’ll be very honest, at this point, I have no clue.  I’ll try to write a blog entry every days but like most people, I only have 24hours in a day. How long are my stories going to be, no clue either.  You have to take in consideration that English isn’t my first language which is also why you might find a bunch of grammar errors.

Feel free to have a quick read of Cold Day, a short story that I wrote a few months ago.

Nonetheless, I hope you’ll enjoy the stories.