Craving for something more

I’ve been listening to Scott’s Ordinary Marathoner podcast for a few weeks now.  I really like his show and I strongly recommend as he is genuine, humanly doubting, and he speaks his mind as he feels it.  Kind of like me, so I can relate in some sense.

So yeah, Scott is training to do an Ironman.  I gotta say, he’s got a lot of guts and I’m rooting for him to succeed. The ironman event is out of my league as I am a terrible swimmer, I have the wrong type of bike and I’m too cheap to get a correct one.  The Half ironman is somewhere in my future, around my 45th trip around the sun.  But I am now wondering, as I chat with runners of all type on Twitter: “How does one decides, okay, x type of event is my max, that is enough for me.”  Honestly, I see all the motivation quotes and speeches about giving it all, pushing over your limits and I wonder is there something like wanting too much in life.

I totally agree on trying not to waste someone’s potential but not everyone are really the same, we have different history, different health, wealth, obligations.  I consider myself lucky as my girlfreind is okay with dealing with the whole family while I go to the gym for a few hours to run and train. And so far, the Marathon is about as much as I can hope for.  I can’t train for an Ironman, the amount of time  it takes is really a commitment.  Also, considering the fact that if you don’t complete in 16-17 hours, you’re not officially an Ironman.  It’s an All or Nothing and I’m not sure I’d like that pressure.

I also see Ultra runners who train and run over crazy distances.  I wonder is there a limit to wanting to go beyond.

And this applies to so many things.  I mean, my job, should I do more, work toward a big promotion, try to accomplish more, to the extend and risk of going too far and not really being a fit for the promotion.  Or even starting my own business.

This blog, it’s not bringing much traffic, it’s mainly about me ranting about my runs, my emotions and my training.  The highs and lows of runs and races.  Should I change that, create something that would be a bit more popular, that would maybe bring in some exposure and  maybe some money from the ads.  At the same time, the initial purpose was to try to write more often and maybe become good at it.  I’ve had projects about making youtube videos, and maybe starting a channel.  And I’ve had ideas that I had to put on the ice because I don’t have enough time to put on to bring it to a valuable end.

I guess it all boils down to the choices we make and what we all prioritize.  I’m just rambling here, I don’t know. Life is hard when you try to excel at many things.  I heard Gary Vaynerchuk suggest that people should double-down on what they are good at. As suiting as it might be for my case, I don’t think I want that.  I like being a fair jack of all trades, good a many things but not an expert a anything.  It has its cost, I guess.