Election Night

I went to vote this morning.  Since I’m 18, I’ve always voted.  I don’t know all and everything but I’m aware of most of it.  The stories, the corruptions, the scandals..I hear them on the radio, I understand the impact.

I watch the Liberals being elected tonight.  I’ll admit, I’m a little disappointed. But somewhere, it’s the democracy and I’ll respect the vote of the population. Some people doesn’t always get the concept but it’s a “team” concept.  There is a vote, an option wins, the whole team goes this way. No agreeing but eh, it’s a vote.   Although it’s not my choice, I hope they will do good things for the Quebec province.  I hope they will do better than all the previous government, both red and blue.


Ads and Buttons

On another note, I’ve started to place a few ads here and there to build some popularity, get some hits. I need to create cute ads, something catchy that will attract the people.  I’ve started to look into “Project Wonderful” as it allows to place small ads for free.  I do not intend to spend some money on it but I might depending on the opportunities.  The more it goes, the more I realize that I need to improve my skills on graphics, maybe make some type of logo.