Failure on relaunch

The month of November is almost over and I already know I failed at restarting running. I am not proud of it, of course but I have to face the fact full front. At the moment, I feel that I am juggling too many things at once, struggling at them all.

I did a fair first week, then I needed a rest day which became a week, and turned into more time off. There is no possible way to go back and run the hopeful mileage before the end of the month. I mean, physically,  it is possible but there is too much life to happen at the same time.  

I’m trying not to be hard on myself as I know that without any planned race, it is hard to be fully committed to the training.  I am less than 5km from completing the journey across Pluto but with the weather and snow that started, motivation ran away.  I find it difficult since most of the motivation quote mention that I shouldn’t be making excuses.  but I have the impression of being overwhelmed by all the daily routine. I’ve been taking vitamins, a bit of sleep but the energy level is down.