Fast Forward to Week 16.

I haven’t filled in over the last few weeks. I feel bad about it but at the same time, I’ve kept on going pretty good. Let me do a quick recap.

Up to now I’ve completed Montreal Half Marathon. I was able to complete it in 2h07m58s. I was satisfied, I didn’t push too hard but didn’t need to walk so that was good. Being the second time I run the course, it really enjoyed more the scenery. The wait on the bridge was very cold. It was 13C and the wind made it feels like 11C. I really envied the people who were wearing garbage bags. We had to wait 45-60 minutes on the bridge. I guess this was be a great rehearsal for New York.

I went to see an expert regarding the pain I had. I feared that the Achilles would be in danger. It actually was the tibial posterior muscle that was hurting. This muscle is mainly used to stabilise the foot. I went a few time for massage and exercises to strengthen correctly the foot. I also bought a Foam Roller. I used it for a while but not so much lately as the pain subsided. I am very happy that this is better now. I also have a golf ball at the office to massage the arch of my feet. I also met a cardiologist. I had an ECG resting and in effort. My heart was pulsing fine. I also had a heart echography, all fine there too. My girlfriend wanted me to have that checked as I had a family history of heart problem and because someone died at the MTL marathon. But my blood pump is all good!

I also ran a second Half Marathon lately, in Granby. It was another cold morning, I didn’t have a plastic bag (fail) but I was able to stay warm before the start. The town had a lot of hills which was quite a challenge but a good preparation for NY. I spent a few kilometers running beside a guy, talking about his experience and it was quite pleasant. I mean, usually, I keep to myself and I do my run but since it was only a half Marathon that was kind of part of my training on the road to the marathon, we chatted. He told me about the wall, that was good to hear from someone about it and how he got through. Just keep going. Your brain wants to preserve yourself, your mind had to decide to keep going. Basically, that is what he explained. After 2 km of chat, we were slowing down a bit, I thank him and went back to my pace. The way round the lake was quite nice. Back in town before the end was another set of hills, ending in a down slope to the finish line. People sprinting, our names being called out loud. I clocked at 2h01m28s My new PR. I also improved my 10k PR but only by a few seconds on that day. That was quite nice and I really liked it. I am most likely going back next year.

Finally, I did my longest long run last Sunday. I was aiming for 35km but did 36 in 4h13m. It was a windy day, a bit cold (10C without the wind) at 32km, my Forerunner 10 GPS watch gave me a Low Battery warning. I didn’t want to lose the data I already collected so I saved the run so far and kept on going without. That was not a surprise to me as I knew it was close when I trained 32k, 2 weeks prior. It was tough, the wind gust at the end were face front, cold and frustrating. I had to walked once in a while but only 100-250m then back on a slow jog for over a km. I was 6.2 km away from the distance of a marathon. 2 days later, I was feeling well, not noticeably sore. I gave myself an extra day of rest to make sure the body recovers properly. On that long run, I discovered that I need to add more food to my body as I got hungry after running 4 hours. I did a bit of research and I’ll go buy protein bars that are honey based. I don’t particularly like honey but from what I read, it is the best bang-for-your-buck as an “in-run” protein bar. I also used my cycling gloves as the morning were very cold. I’ll have them in NY.

I ordered a new Garmin watch. The Forerunner 220 with a heart rate monitor. I hope to get it soon to get used to it and get a bit of extra information on my cadence and hearth rate. I was a bit disappointed that the Forerunner 10 didn’t last long enough to last for an average runner to go through a marathon. But it was a good entry GPS watch. It’s kind of cool to think that I out-grew the capability of the entry level gps watch. Yeah, I like that.

From now, I an mainly going to focus on speed control to avoid going too fast and being drained too quickly on race day. This NY Marathon will be great!