First Half Marathon of 2016

I ran a half marathon last Sunday.  The weather wasn’t so bad considering being in the month of February.  The road was damp but not slippery.  There were a few water patches but nothing to worry about.  It was actually fun to run on a country road and having the cars pass us by fairly slowly.  Getting outside to  run was a nice change.  I’ve been running on an indoor track for the past few weeks and I’ve had a hard time pushing myself while going round and round.  Back in the outdoor, there was a bit of wind for the first 12-13km but then, it was a face front wind with snow flakes.  It was a little hard but it felt good.  I guess, for once, I was properly dressed.  I was cold before the start and once we were out running, it felt great.  Took off the hat  and the gloves every now and then put them back when cold.

I sent an email on the next to the organization.  I gave them a lot of credit for the overall and some specifics but I also made the point that having not portable toilet over 21km was something to re-think.  As a man, I didn’t bother much to ease my bladder behind some trees after 6 km but I realized that if I was a woman, that would have been a bit different.

I pushed myself throughout the course and I made a respectable time of 2:10:45.  Which means a pace of 6:11 per km.  For a first race this season, I am pretty happy.  I was hoping for below 2:15 but I would have been satisfied with anything better than 2:30. So last Sunday’s results are good enough for now.  I also reached a heart rate of 201 bpm.  That is a new high for me and it mean I should review my training zones.  Usually for my age, the max HR is around 180.  Obviously, I can’t maintain an exercise for long at such intensity but I now realize that at 160, my heart is far from its max and can keep the level/pace for much longer than I believed.

It is not easy to train alone and learn as you go.  I totally understand that, probably, I’d do more progress with a coach or with a group but I run as I want to, I learn by trial and errors, on my own.  That’s my way to do it.  Maybe not the best but it worked well for me in the past for various things, it will be the same for the running.  There is only one person responsible of the success or failure, there is one person that takes the credit or the blame. 

Maybe I have a trust issue, but I’ll keep that for a different post.