First stumble

Today, I had to step down from the treadmill in defeat.  It was my first back-to-back-to-back run that I attempted and to make matters worst, the last was my long run.  Epic Fail.

Friday night, I planned and executed a 10k.  It went pretty smoothly.  Saturday morning, the 6k was bit tough but I didn’t struggle.  Sunday’s longrun was heading for a 21 km, 13 miles.  My legs had no spring in them, they felt heavy.  After 2km, I slowed the pace to a fast walk to catch my breath and drink water.  I brought the speed back up and tried to push through, hoping some type of runner’s high would kick in and make me fly the rest of the distance.  At 5k, my tshirt was wet, my forehead was dripping even with a headband and the legs were still heavy.  I decided that I’d get to 10k and try back later on today, either at the gym or outside. I barely made it to 8km, and pressed the “Recovery” button on the treadmill.  I was tired, out of breath and way too sweaty for the occasion.  Something was off, either my salt or the temperature in the gym, or I was just tired from the three runs in three days.  In any cases, it is now clear that I’m not ready for any runstreak that involves long run.

As I was driving back home, I realized that this misfortune will definately show on my Excel sheet of progress.  That worries me a bit since I feel I’ll need every training and mostly every long runs.  This is the difficult part in a marathon training.  Unless you’re an avid daily runner with a truckload of mileage and experience, trainee needs to learn to balance pushing hard in training and resting enough to avoid injuries and fatigue.  The right dosage is different for everyone, and success depends on a good balance as well.

Train hard but train smart.  I’m not going to beat myself too much over this.  It happened before, I remember one time, I tried a runstreak and I noticed that my time on a 5k was going up.  I was going slower and slower.  I guess I’m not that young anymore. I need to adjust.  There is still time and up to now, not much pain is present so that’s ok.  I’ll rest tonight, and tomorrow, Tuesday, I’ll cycle in my basement (I reallly need to start adding cycling to my habits).  I mean, the cycle is on the training schedule, the bike is on the training gear but I have yet to give it a go. 

I also need to be more thorough on the foam rolling.  My left calf is always a bit stiff and there is one of the stabilizing muscle in the center that tends to stay inflamed.  Foam rolling with crossed legs did the job last year, it will do it’s magic this year.

This week-end was a bump on the road. I stumbled. But I’m ok, I’ll bounce back and I’ll be ready for next week’s long run.