Five Rules to training

I have been training and running for few years now.. I am no fitness expert so I won’t claim any scientific on the following advice. All I know is that for me, it worked. But in order to get off the couch, there a re a few things that I think are important so here are my Five Rules to training.

Measure yourself & Take a selfie
This is the beginning. You have weight to lose, a little beer belly, you’re out of breath after a quick dash and you’ve decided to change. Measuring and taking a selfie will help you along the way. When the training will get to a plateau, when you’ll feel like nothing is happening, go back to the measurement and selfie. Numbers don’t lie but if you solely rely on a scale to see your progress, you’ll be lacking in reference point. The selfie, something in underwear, may be unflattering at the moment but when you’ll take another one, you’ll see, side by side how far you’ve come. As for measurement, go crazy, belly, hips, chest, thigh, biceps, neck, calf, and more…. You don’t need to show them to the world, keep them in a safe if you must but they will be valuable.

Find what makes you tick
Start training for something you want, and find what makes you pumped up for the next time. If you’re running, keep track of your paces, get a GPS watch and look at your performance improve. If it’s the bragging that you like, go ahead, be talkative about it, you’re doing better than all the others still on their couch watching football. If the calorie count is your thing, focus on that. There will be days when you won’t feel like doing it, but if you know what drives you, you’ll be able to trick yourself by going back to it.

Make a 3 months commitment
Once you’ve found the exercise that is a match for you, create a schedule for the next 3 months. 90 days will make a habit of the training, you’ll see results, you’ll feel results. If at the end you’re fed up, go back to your measurements and selfie. It might make you reconsider quitting. 90 days will have a significant impact, you’ll see changes, even if it only means you can now go up 2 floors at the office without being out of breath. If you’re done with it, at least you’ll have gave it a honest try.  I’d suggest to start over again with another activity.  Don’t just go back to your sofa.

Paint yourself in a corner
Pride and ego are huge driving force among human beings. How many of us did stupid stuff on a dare? I plead guilty! So, in order to keep your brain in gear, if you run, signup for a race. If the gym is your thing, talk with your trainer and set a goal. If fitness is the goal, talk about it to people who will keep you accountable. Your family and friends can be pushing you to go out a do that run when you don,t feel like it. If you have a 5k race for a charity, make it a point of honor not to fail them.

To lose weight, watch what you eat  –  To get in shape, exercise
People think sometimes that it doesn’t matter what you eat if you spend enough time at the gym or running. Sorry to break it up to some but it ain’t the case. On average, an adult will burn about 2000 calories (more or less). A marathon, ran in 5 hours, will spend 3500 calories. It takes a crazy amount of time to burn the calories that are being too easily ingested. Honestly it ain’t that hard. Don’t buy the hash brown potatoes, pick something else than fries, peel the skin from the chicken breast, reduce a bit the portions. Training and exercise will bring the muscles, watching your eating habit will make those results visible. If it’s the 6 pack you’re chasing, you’ll need both but trust me. It will happen if you put in the time and effort.