Focus and Caffeine

I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker but I sure do need caffeine to be functional on a big day.  Either from soft drink or from energy drink. My girlfriend pretends I get a little too hype when I drink those but to me, It just gets the job done.  Over excited, over energetic, leg twitching..  you know, the basic stuff.

For me, a coffee only goes with a breakfast with eggs and bacon/ham, a side of potatoes slices (preferably spiced)..  then, only then, is the coffee good.  So I get my caffeine from other sources.  I’ve tried pretty much every brands.  Now that I think of it, I realize that the old school Red Bull in very small dark bottles are still a mystery to me.  I’ll take a look at the Asian store near home, they have a lot of stuff.   I’ve drank a lot of soda, I’m slowly cutting on that as it’s not quite the best for a healthy diet.  But it was better than the real sugar.  My sweet tooth was producing fat cells in my body as fast as it could.  Cutting on sugar did help a lot.    Once in a while, I get a mug of hot chocolate at the office, but I often find it too sweet.

I’m trying to switch to water but as odd as it seems, I don’t like the taste of the tap water and I’m against all the small plastic bottle wasting.  I’ve bought a squirting “MiO” and I was surprise how much it was changing the taste.  It’s not perfect but it definitely takes the chlorine taste out of the tap water.  I still crave and give in to the caffeine but I add more and more water in the daily routine.