Getting some wind

I’m not sure I spoke about it but I’ve registered for a half-marathon by the end of next September.  I basically started running last Fall but Canadian winter slowed my expected progression.  This spring, I’ve caught a bad cold and had emotional events that caused me to stop training.  Looking back, I feel like I should have taken the time but I can’t really go back, gotta move forward.

I started back jogging and this is brutal.  I feel like I’ve lost most of my gain in a matter of a few weeks.  I was able to do a 10 km in just above an hour without walking breaks but now, after 4 km, I’m totally out of breath.  I really need to push myself a bit more to get out and do it.  I didn’t like to do it in the winter and I was expecting Spring to help as I wouldn’t need as much clothing or the ice-grips on my shoes but for some reason, it’s hard to get back at it.

I’m also planing on doing some cardio workout in front of my tv.  No, I’m not talking about cheering for my favourite hockey team.  A while ago, I picked up a DVD of Billy Blanks Cardio Tae Bo.  I am so bad at it.  My coordination on a sequence of movement is really bad.  But, it’s a 30-35 minutes workout that makes sure you sweat like a pig and use muscles to get you back in shape.  Yes, it’s outdated, the image quality is not so great on a widescreen TV but the training is there and it pushes the heart rate. I think that a cardio exercice on rainy days will help me getting back some wind..

Right now, feeling like I’ve made a few steps back makes me angry, or disappointed.  I’m not quite sure of the right name for the feeling but I really need to kick myself and get those feet back to a moving state. I need to transfer it to a Challenge mindset to push over my actual limits and make significant progress.  Some objectives in time might help.  I’ll probably take a look at a calendar and set some goals to achieve and get where I want to be.