Girls with slingshots

This is one of my personal favorite. It’s on my daily read and I appreciate all of them. I have to say that the web comics that are updated on a very regular basis is something I enjoy since I work on a regular schedule and it becomes part of my morning routine.  I’ve been following the GWS since 2008-09, around Maureen and Jameson’s wedding.

What is Girls with slingshots about?
This comic tells the story of a group of friends, in the middle of their twenties and their intertwined story arcs. The author created some characters that are quite different one another. This is a positive things to my view since it simplifies the relationships and the reactions they have in various situations. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing predictable and at many time, Miss Danielle Corsetto leaves us on a Friday with an interesting cliffhanger. As I’m thinking about it, I find that, as most of her female characters are varying, it seems to me that some of the longest males are more similar one another (except for Darren). Joshua, a more recent toon is more distinctive and that improve his addition to the series. The sexuality/preference/orientation theme is often a part of what is going on. Do not expect any super power heroes here.  It does turn around the reality of relationships in odd couples and often, how they make it work, or try to.

Nonetheless, the love, the friendships, the breakups, the attraction are there and it makes a very good webcomic.

What would I do differently?
First, lets point out that I don’t do any drawing, comics at all. It’s my way of suggesting.  At some point, I was really hoping that the comic would go from black and white to color.  That has been done and it’s great.   I think I’d like to see some character evolve.  I feel like Hazel is still as immature on some subjects, it is kind of bothering me.  But maybe that’s coming, who knows.

I strongly suggest you give it a try, at least for a few weeks.