Gum healing, Cold front and Funerals out of town

Having a molar removed was a much bigger deal than I expected.  It’s been almost a week now and it still hurts a bit.  I haven’t exercise at all since, except shovelling a bit of snow.  I missed a 29 km run last weekend and this week-end, I was supposed to take part in a 10 km race but I’ll be out of town on funerals.  Nobody I really knew, only my girlfriend’s uncle.  I’ve never met him.  I’ll be there as moral support.  This means that this weekend’s time is also lost and I won’t run much.The Boston marathon deadline is getting closer and I have no Idea in which shape I’ll be in.  There are still 6 weeks left and hopefully, the downward spiral will end now.

Last two week’s weather was also un-helpful as well.  Either freezing rain, rendering any activity outside impossible, or cold front that dragged down the thermometer to -15C below without taking the wind in account.  This winter is getting on my nerves, I need to train, and I have a very hard time getting to it.

6 weeks isn’t much, but it will have to be enough.