I didn’t get it. -Canal Lachine-

All right, I’ve ran the 26 km along the Canal Lachine and I really didn’t get what are people getting crazy about it. A rather narrow strip of asphalt, made for cycling, (only 2 way). As the day advances, you’ll have the bicycle zooming by you and you’ll feel like you’re out of place.

If you want to use the gravel track, it varies form a foot and half to 6 inches wide.

If you want to run on the grass, I guess that’s your best option but the ground can be uneven at times so I hope your heels are strong.

I really didn’t enjoy it. I felt out of place and maybe it’s just me but I didn’t feel the “charm” that is claimed to have. I mean, a water canal, concrete walls on both sides, a cycling path, that goes up and down and all around, and in three hours, I didn’t see any boats. Okay, I’m lying, I saw 2 canoes. It was Sunday morning, I was there from 6h30 to 10h00 AM and really, nothing to say “eh, that was nice”.

Maybe on a bike, that would have been better, I am not sure.