Internet Spider

Okay, The idea here, for a general global story line is that with an internet spider, some information comes up.  With each strange bit of information, the team is stuck with either a moral dilemma, and ideological issue.  Overall there could be the shadow of a higher government office that is looking at it and find it strange that they are aware of some truth.

  • A terrorist plot
  • List of credit cards
  • Someone last will
  • Confessions of a crime/series
  • indications to a treasure
  • something about UFO’s and Roswell
  • conspiracy theory’s truth
  • a hitman’s identity/coordinates
  • Details of corporate crime/negligence
  • Series of studies over drugs that are in fact more harmful that helpful

The teams has to juggle with what to do with this information, and the response they are getting when they act upon it.

This could be a good web series.