It just got real – the journey to NYC Marathon starts here

Well, I called it upon me so I can’t really complain.

The office is a sponsor of major marathon and I entered in the draw to have a free entry to the New York City Marathon.  My name came out amongst the other “lucky” winners.  It guarantees a bib but it’s not paying for anything else like travel and hotels.  I knew it when I registered but the happiness and surprise came with a little dose of reality check.  I mean, I have to do it now.

I’m in a decent shape, I ran my first half marathon last year.  I now look at it with a little fear and stress (the good one).  I am confident I can make it throught, my objective are:

  1. Cross the finish line
  2. Hopefully in less than 5 hours
  3. in less than 4h30min would be amazing.

If I only complete one of the 3, I’ll be happy.  I don’t know many people who did a marathon, only one or two pals I went to college with.

I have my training set and it starts on June 28, it will be 18 weeks of regular runs, intense stretching sessions and a whole lot of sweat.

I’ll post more details soon.