Lack of focus

Once in a while, I wonder if I should try the Ritalin thing.  I’m usually pretty functional but my mind is very easily distracted by everything the world has to offer.  And link that to the internet and it’s even worst.  I have some really good days.  They usually occur when I get a bad comment; it goes straight to my pride and I feel like proving wrong.  I get quite a lot of stuff done then but I feel like I’m working out of guilt and that’s not really a good motivation.  It works but it’s not my favorite.

Today is one of those.  I went from the work, to the sudoku pad, to facebook, to youtube, to planning lunch, then having lunch, then checking for another online radio station to updating the scripts for the NHL pool.

I’m looking outside and I’d so much prefer to be out there.  I can’t wait to peel of the stickers from my truck.  It’s the first step the the pimping I’m planning.  I’ll probably go for the flames like I already did once.  Note. I need to find an airbrush paint thingy.   The worst part will be not to talk too much about it at the office before I unveil the final result.

I realise more and more that this is a trend for me, I’m in expectation of the next event to happen.  And i’m kind of bored with what’s happening in the present.  Not very buddhistly zen of my part.  Okay, so what can I be thankful for, hum.  I’m glad to have a good job, be healthy, got a good life.  I’m so not good at this. Is it okay if I’m happy that not too many things are wrong ?