Left foot issues

The doctor delivered the news, plantar fasciitis.  The string or ligament between the heel and the toes was inflamed.  I had to take a 10 full days off running, took pills to help healing and changed the insoles of my shoes to have some with enforced arch.   Once that was done, I got back to running but as the Doc ordered, gradually.  Even tho I would have like to get back where I was, I was totally out of running shape.  It’s been over two weeks and I am barely making the 5km I was used to do.  That sucks big time.

On the other hand, I started to alternate.  One day I run, the other, I cycle.  I am really pushing it to get back to shape.  I try to ride at least 21km and run as least 5km.  I feel I am burning a lot of calories but up to now, the scale hasn’t shown me any result accordingly.   My Garmin connect calendar is pretty crowded with the activities I’m doing so I guess thats going to pay off, either in being in shape or losing weight.

To end on a good note, let me mention that I haven’t experience any pain under my foot.