Life update.

The pandemic is still going but most of life regular program has resumed. Got vaccinated fully and nothing major going on there.

I’ve changed work, well technically I am still doing Lims application but for another business. And saying I’ve changed is largely exaggerated; there were layoff and my turn came to leave. I am now an employee of CSols and i like it a lot. Got some responsibilities, working hard, and learning the technical stuff.

Another baby is in the house now since November 2020. Not a covid baby as the initial spark must have been a few weeks before the lockdown. And besides, my wife was super busy for the first few weeks of the pandemic. But yeah, Marianne is now among us on a daily basis.

Summer 2021, we bought a shack on a camping site. So, we go there once in a while, well a lot in the summer as there is a public pool and waterslides that the boys are crazy about. It comes with a few things to fix but the deal was good and it helps me disconnect. I think I need that.

All running activities are on hold. I’m in the process of postponing my participation to Berlin Marathon because 40-45 days before the race, I’m not sure travelling to Germany will be allowed. I’m planning on resuming my German language class to be able to communicate a bit when I’ll be there in 2022. Also, I need to get back yo running. I haven’t run in a while, the mind is not there at all.