List of lists about half-marathon

8 Tips to Run Your Best Half Marathon

  1. Run with others.
  2. Give yourself rest days.
  3. Do some speed work.
  4. Do a training race.
  5. Work on your mental training.
  6. Finish strong during some long runs.
  7. Have a race plan.
  8. Race smart.

13 Mistakes Half Marathoners Should Avoid

  1. Don’t run a half marathon as your first race.
  2. Don’t enter a race if you’re not sure you can beat the cut-off time.
  3. Don’t forget to hydrate.
  4. Don’t give up.
  5. Don’t be unprepared for your long runs.
  6. Don’t ignore pain.
  7. Don’t skip cross-training.
  8. Don’t set a really aggressive goal (for your first half marathon).
  9. Don’t ignore rest days.
  10. Don’t cram for the final.
  11. Don’t start out too fast.
  12. Don’t try out something new on race day.
  13. Don’t discount your achievement.

13 Things to Know Before Running a Half Marathon

  1. You don’t have to run 13 miles before the actual race.
  2. You need to embrace conversational pace.
  3. The long runs may get boring.
  4. Chafing will happen.
  5. You’ll have to train in some bad weather.
  6. You don’t have to run every day.
  7. You’re not going to be able to eat whatever you want.
  8. You may get injured.
  9. You probably won’t finish last.
  10. You should practice running in your race outfit.
  11. There will be some bathrooms on the course.
  12. You should have at least a rough idea of your estimated finishing time.
  13. You don’t have to run the entire time.

6 Commonly-Asked Questions About Half Marathon Racing

  1. Should I Wear New Running Shoes for a Half Marathon?
  2. Should I Run the Day Before a Half Marathon?
  3. Should I Eat Before a Half Marathon?
  4. How Can I Predict My Half Marathon Time?
  5. Am I Allowed to Walk During a Half Marathon?
  6. How Can I Deal With Discomfort During the Half Marathon?

13 Reasons to Run a Half Marathon

  1. You’ll stay motivated to run.
  2. You’ll burn a lot of calories.
  3. You’ll experience lots of health benefits.
  4. You’ll have a lifetime of bragging rights.
  5. You’ll discover new running routes.
  6. Your training will have more structure.
  7. You’re less likely to get injured than if you trained for a full marathon.
  8. It’s not as time-consuming as training for a marathon.
  9. You’ll meet other runners.
  10. You can support a cause.
  11. You’ll get a medal (and a shirt).
  12. You can travel to new destinations.
  13. You can spend time with family and friends.

Tips for Running Your First Half Marathon

  1. Wear the right running shoes.
  2. Follow a half marathon training schedule.
  3. Work on proper running form.
  4. Maintain your motivation.
  5. Cross-train.
  6. Be prepared for your long runs.
  7. Run with others.

8 Tips to Make Your Long Runs Easier

  1. Avoid Chafing
  2. Stay Loose
  3. Rethink the Mileage
  4. Nothing New on Race Day
  5. Take a Walking Break
  6. Find a Running Group
  7. Run on a Softer Surface
  8. Staying Hydrated is Critical

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