Many projects, so much work.

I need more time in a day.  and I need more focus.

Lately, we were renovating some parts of the house.  As spring got here, it was time to get moving.  Being outside to cut some wood, put on the summer tires on the cars and put thoses shoes on to go for a quick run around the block.

On running
I am improving on my pace and I feel the 6min/k pace plateau I was on is now over.. I’m making significant progress. I’ve made a plan to run frequently until the spartan race in Tremblant.  I’ll be there and I’ll thrive.

On renovation
The kitchen looks good.  The backslash is amazing and the microwave cabinet I built is fitting just right.

On the truck
I’ve changed the tires and the summer ones are quite used but I guess they will do the job for this summer.

On side projects
My girlfriend came up with some association thing with some co-workers and they needed a website.  As usual, I got caught in it and now, I’m spending my evenings perfecting on my wordpress skills.

On Saturdays
We went for a few beers last Saturday, it was good to see my girlfriend smile like she did.  Don’t get me wrong, she smiles a lot but it seemed to me like the beer sent her worries away for a few hours, it was nice.