More on my training

I’ve set up a bar in the basement to do some chin-ups and build some uper strength.  I’ve discovered that there are many different ways to do the chin-ups and I’ll pass on the weird cross-fit method.

From dead hanging, if your palms are facing you and that your hands are fairly close, you’ll mostly work your biceps.  If you go for a wide grip, wider than your shoulders, palms facing away,  you’ll work on your back, mainly the muscles that gives the man’s V shape.

I went cycling yesterday and came back home after 21 km and I didn’t feel as bad as I was expecting.  I guess the whole running training is starting to pay off.  I also have lost a waist size in the past few months.  I didn’t really noticed it on the scale but the shape is improving.    I decided to go on cycling as my left tibia bone was hurting after the last few runs.  Muscle pain means it worked and it needs to be stretched..  bone pain ain’t something you can just massage to bring down.  So, from the basement, I dragged my wheels and rolled.  It felt good, I’ll have to admit!

The Spartan race challenge is coming soon, may 25, and despite the idea that I just want to make it through, I’m starting to feel a little anxious.