Motivation to get back at it.

End of September was my third marathon.  I knew it would be hard and that I wasn’t ready to crush it but I gave it my best and made it through. I am ok regarding my performance since I am able to rationalize it and see what went wrong.  Still, I am in this slump.  I’ve had it after NYC and Boston, regardless of my performance.

I’ve had a hard time putting the shoes back and getting outside. I keep a positive mindset and my body isn’t hurting, I just don’t feel like it.  I ran a 5k a few days ago.   All along, it felt good.  I had a fairly fast pace and not so much discomfort.   To be honest, the last km, my legs were heavy but I kept on going.  But the energy it required for me to just get out was significant.

I have no race planned ahead as the Canadian winter is approaching. I even skipped my last MEC race of the season.  I was just not feeling it.  I know self diagnosis are usually bad, but the post marathon syndrome is hard on me.  I really think I’ll dedicate a section on this blog to this syndrome and tips, tricks and other possible solutions.  Right now, I think I’ll have to make a commitment to myself, for 3-4 weeks, to do a long run on the weekend, and 2 short ones on week days.

In my quest for motivation, I ran across the earth’s circumference.  Of course over 40’000 km (24 900 miles) is way to high as a motivational objective but the other characteristics can help.  I’ve made the calculations are I am almost all the way through Pluto. Next goal will be to reach the center of Mercury.

planets_km planets_miles

Maybe that will help get some motivation & commitment.  We’ll see.