Not hiding anything

Well,  I try to keep it as real as it is and to be quite honest, I am not in a very good shape.  The break I took from running after the NY marathon was definatly too long.  Add to it that it was during the chrismas season where over eating is the norm.  That was bad.  I didn’t gain any weight but I lost the shape I had.  The part that was able to get up and just go for 20km without needing much preparation.

Lately, I am preparing for a half marathon next Sunday. I was able to run the distance the last few times at the gym but I have yet to do it in the cold winter.  This week end has been a terribly cold one.  Tonight, the temperature is expected to drop to -28C.  Add the wind factor and it should be below 40C.  Hopefully, it will not be as bad next Sunday.

My legs are hurting once in a while.  I still have to stretch my legs and foam roll regularly.  I’ve also used a rolling pin on my front tibial muscles.  It’s not the first time that I have this discomfort but last Thursday, it was impressively painful.  I had planned to run 13km but had to stop a bit short to 6km.  Even stretching on the mattresses to try and make it go away failed.  I came back home with a failure feeling that I hate.  I’ve rolled the rolling pin and today I was able to jog on the track for 2h25 minutes.  I stopped before getting to 30 minutes because my feet were hurting.  I ended before overdoing it.  I was drained but happy to have lasted that long.

For next Sunday, I hope to run the 21.1km in 2h15.  But with all the extra layer of clothes that I’ll wear, even a 2h20 would be a fair time.  This is far from aiming to beat my PR of 2h01m24s but I am learning from my mistakes, I pay the price and work my way back.