Not quite as planned, again

The month of March is my nemesis.  Last year, in my training leading into Boston, it failed me 3 times and costed me 3 long runs.  I had a molar removed on a Friday; no heavy exercise for 72 hours.  Long runs are considered heavy I guess.    So I passed on that one.  The next week, mortality stroke in my girlfriend’s family and we drove 4-5 hours north for the service.  It was cold as hell so there was no way for me to get a decent long run there. and I caught a bad cold that put me out of service for 2 days in bed then 2 more to recover.  I paid for that in more than one way.

All this broke my momentum towards Boston but I did fairly well considering the longest long run month.

This time, I’ve had food poisoning this week.  And a good one. I’ve puked before, in my youger days but rarely 4 times in one evening, causing lasagna to pass through my nose. Both ends of my body suffered.

Now, 3 days later, my stomach musles are still in pain.  Tomorrow, I’m heading to the Gym, I’ll try my best to do a decent longrun but I am not going to push myself too hard.  I  just mainly want to know what the damage are and how I should adjust my training to accomodate to this reality.  I really hope this will only be a once thing in this crucial month.  I am not sure how to stay healthy but I’ll try real hard to avoid any suspect food and keep on going with sure bets.

The weather appears to be getting warmer so I’ll probably be able to get off the treadmill soon and attack the pavement and wind with my will and discipline.  I’m fairly curious to see how I’ll thrive after a few weeks on the treatmill.  People were telling me it as not as goood as the road but how much, that is what I am curious to see.

Lets just hope this terrible month will not be a shitty one this year, that would be great.