November Challenge – Run Everyday, except Monday

I’ve been in this low motivation state long enough, I need to shake myself up. The usual way to get my legs in gear is to have a schedule, a plan and have the idea to stick with it. I am close to a milestone, Running the distance equal to crossing Pluto through the center. I am close to the 2370 km ever run since I’ve started training 3 years ago. Other milestone will come and other marathon will happen but there is nothing at the moment on my schedule so I lack focus and drive. I have nothing tangible to aim for. So I came up with the idea of subjecting myself to a 30 days challenge. My goal ain’t much about distance as much as frequency.

The details.

I’ve planned to run 26 of the 30 days. Mondays are resting days. Most days are 5-8 km, not long, not hard, no time goal. I just need to get out.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Tot
1. 5-8 2. 5 3. 5-8 4. 5 5. 5 25-31
6. 10 7. R 8. 5-8 9. 5 10. 5-8 11. 5 12. 5 35-41
13. 15 14. R 15. 5-8 16. 5 17. 5-8 18. 5 19. 5 40-46
20. 15 21. R 22. 5-8 23. 5 24. 5-8 25. 5 26. 5 40-46
27. 20 28. R 29. 5-8 30. 5 30-33

I still have a long run on Sundays from 10 to 20 km. I’ll probably stretch if to 21.1 because I like the distance. Now, I need to set the achievement metric. Lets see.

  • More than 26 days and more than 170km. That is ok, that the planned outcome.
  • If I have 23-4-5 days, I’ll set the km bar to at least 190 km.

Is it ambitious, yes. I’ll admit that it will be a long month, a difficult one but motivation lasts for a while, discipline keeps you on the task when you don’t feel like doing it. Discipline has to get burned in the flesh, engraved in the bone, welded on the heart. How do I evaluate my chances, I think they are pretty good. I know that I am hard headed and stubborn and that self pride/ego will keep me going. I know that I can commit myself to this plan and make it happen. I will make it through.

Now, the next part, I have to define a reward. Those who know me will say, without much doubt, that I am cheap toward myself. I don’t buy expensive clothes, not expensive gadgets. Most of the tools I bought were on sales (at least 50% off) or from yard sales. My car is old, like most were. I tend to be the last owner that the car knows. So what could be a reward for me. This is like asking myself what do I want for Christmas, I have everything I need. What i’d like isn’t available. I want more time, but that is not something I can give myself. I don’t like the spa, nor massages. I’m not a fan of traveling, unless there is a purpose to it. I don’t need new shoes, nor running equipment. I have all the tools I need, event more than I can use on a regular basis. I’ve left this for a few days and I have still no idea on a reward. Still, I’m running this November.