Post Marathon Syndrome

I was supposed to go for a run last Sunday; I didn’t go.  My body wasn’t feeling so bad, I mean the legs had recovered but the heart just wasn’t into it.  I think it was a 21km, I’m not even sure.

I know it ain’t a good thing to self diagnose online but I’m a grown up, I can do it correctly.  Right.  No, I know.  I can say that I have a few of the mentioned symptoms and that’s a start.  I guess most of the items can also be related to lack of sleep for a long period and any straining physical activity.  I’ll have to find how to turn this ship around.  I’ve had it after New York, after Boston, and now after Montreal.

I’ll keep an eye online and I’ll try to find way to get over these slumps in a better way.  I can’t really be depressed each and every time I run an important race. Maybe the timing isn’t the best either; the days are getting shorter and the winter is slowly coming.

If anyone has a clue or tips to get over this depressing mood, let me know.