Preparation Training

I was unsure if this post shouldn’t be called training season.  I consider a season as the months of preparation toward a big event. In any case, I am in the season leading to Boston marathon and I think it’s the worst ever.  I am sleep deprived from my son still not sleeping overnight yet, I lack the sense of urgency (hello only 51 days left).  Power shortage on the evening I am planned to train at the gym. The weather sucks (Canadian winter) and lately, I got a tooth removed on a Friday.  The dentist assistant has been very clear, no exercise for the next 2 days, keeping me from running a long run training on Sunday.

It seems like taking part in the next Boston Marathon was a bad choice.  A part of my guts tell me that everything feels wrong.  So many things,seems to be going against  my training,  But at the same time, I know myself too, I know I’ll go through it, no matter the time it takes.

So yeah, I got a large tooth removed today.  That was unpleasant to say the least.  I was expecting more pain when the drugs would fade but its been 6 hours and I don’t feel so bad. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t get any infection.  I’ll be drinking boost for food and water for the next 2-3 days and then I should be ok.

I’ve been giving it some thoughts and I’ll probably have a fairly short tempering time before the Marathon itself; probably a medium followed by an easy week.   I’ll probably adjust the training schedule to intensify the second half of March and the first of April.  The weather should be better and that will help put in the mileage on the legs.  It will also allow me to warm up some new shoes.  The ones I run on are closing in to 600km, I plan on changing to new ones around 750-800km. I haven’t done much speed training.  I’ve had a hard time only running long distances that I needed to focus on that build some confidence for the Marathon.  Running a half marathon last week-end was definitely a plus on the confidence side.  I just have to keep in mind that it will be a marathon and more training is required. I should be confident but not get comfortable.

Training Season is a journey.