Quick recon.

I didn’t have much time.  The dusk was settling.  The cold wind was driving the few snow flakes around the parking lot of the warehouse.  I didn’t see any surveillance camera on the corners.  I parked, backward, underneath the only burnt light, hopefully, the maintenance won’t fix it too soon.  I stopped the engine, shut down my headlights and waited.  Other post were starting to send their orange glow to the ground.  I hate winter, it’s cold and the snow is reflecting so much light, that you cannot really disappear in the shadows.  The cold is also unpleasant if you have to wait for more than half an hour.  I watched a few employee leave the building.  I noticed their identification cards, an RF standard type.  I grabbed my soda and took a small sip.  I noticed the gas pipes connected to the meter outside running up to the roof.  A twenty feet climb  that wouldn’t be any problem.  Across the street, I could see the office where my target works; a three floor business place with modern interior and stylish decoration. Half an hour passed and most the cars were gone.  Only a quarter-ton puck-up truck and a few sedans were scattered here and there.  My car was getting cold, already.  I drove out and headed home.  I’ll probably have to go back some time to visualize the rooftop but I feel it’s going to be a pretty straight forward job.

More to come.