Registration To The 120th Boston Marathon Confirmed

At last!  I’ve received my confirmation to the Boston Marathon.  I have the Bib number (#32026), and the wave/corral and I am happy.  Still a bit nervous as I know the training hasn’t been optimal but as it get real, the urge to train, stretch, and do what must be done to be ready.

I don’t have much to write tonight,  I’ve tried to do 22 km last Sunday but ended up walking the last 4 km as I was cold and drained. Monday and Tuesday were requiring some rest as my ankle was aching a bit.  The line is fine between pushing to the limit and doing what must to gain the mileage and over training and hurting yourself.  I’ll be running on that line for the next few weeks and up to now, the weather is not cooperating.  Highest temperature are averaging the freezing point and that is just warm enough to sweat and cold enough to freeze the the second half of an outdoor training run.