Regular day

The weather is pretty nice today.  I guess the Spring is finally catching up.  I’m just back from getting lunch at Wendy’s and it’s was nice to feel the warmth of the sun.  I’ll have to put on my contact lenses to wear sunglasses.  Can’t wait.  For the pats few weeks, event with some snow every once in a while, I’ve tried to keep my driveway as clean as possible.  I must look like a wierdo to be shoving all the snow out but I’m fed up with Winter and a black driveway makes me feel closer to Summer.

While driving home yesterday, I rolled down my window and cranked up the volume on the radio.  That’s more like Summer too.

Office stuff is back to normal so I’m trying to focus, get stuff done.  I feel like my focus time is kind of  short.  a few minutes then my mind starts to wander.  I get things done but I know I’ve had better days.