Road to a Second Montreal Marathon

All right!

I guess it is back to training.  I am 7 weeks away from Montreal Rock’nRoll Marathon.  I started last Sunday to hit the road again.  I’ve struggled with the idea of easing the challenge to a Half Marathon but I know I wouldn’t be satisfied with my performance so, I’d rather be unsatisfied from the completion of a full marathon.  I haven’t wrote a big, detailed training plan, just mileage goal per week and obviously bringing the long run up to 30-35 km.  This time, I will not taper.  This time, I’ll do a bit more core strengthening and I’ll try to find a nutrition/hydration plan in line.

I think those 2 failed me badly so far.  I’ve drastically cut on Diet Coke and soda in general.  It turned into having heartburn/acid reflux  while running.  I’m now drinking a can, now and then, but never more than one per day.  I’ve manage to last 3 weeks without it, so now, it just comes from moments when I think goes with it, like with a meal at the restaurant.  But I’m not going back to buy crates and crates. One of my issue is that I feel like drinking but I haven’t picked my new “go to” beverage.  So, this will lead me to less dehydration.

I also want to try the salt pills. My clothes are getting all lines with salt after any longrun and I sweat a lot.  I’ve hear this help so I wanna try.  The other this on my list is the “Tailwind” stuff.  I know some runners who are relying on their product, even for Ultra.  So I want to give it a shot.

My shoes are also giving me a hard time. I tried different socks that were working it for me, but in the current Asics, I get blisters on the shoulders of the foot.  Like it’s rubbing.  Any thing Over 10km becomes painful a gives me blisters.  I’ll have to get that in line too.

So yeah, No clear training plan, only

  • Ramping up distances,
  • More core strength
  • Experiment salt pills,
  • Try TailWind product,
  • Get my shoes/blisters in check

Simple right?

So yeah, it’s on.  I’m back on the road, running and getting it done.  Because the race is coming.