Road to Boston

The are still over 9 weeks of training left and I am starting to fear the Boston Marathon. Lately, the training has been difficult. I am not experiencing pain, there isn’t any part of my body that aches but I just don’t get that feeling of urgency that I had when preparing for New York Marathon. I’ve signed up at a gym with an indoor track to be able to perform long runs in a better environment than outside in the Montreal weather. I’ve ran outside a bit and I hated every minutes of it. I hate the Canadian winter. Escaping this snow/ice/freezing rain is one of the reason that would have me leave this country.

In any cases, I’ve tried, and when I can’t really go outside, I try to do some indoor cycling or even Cardio Tae-bo. It might not be much but at least, I get the heart pumping and some calories out. I think one of the key element I should try to include in my training is a proper diet. I haven’t been very careful since the holidays and it would be a good thing. Just easing on pizza and fast food would probably be a good thing. I am not sure I could change it all and eat salad each noon but less Wendy’s wouldn’t hurt.

Running in circles at the gym has been difficult on the performance. Each lap of 200m, I click my Garmin watch and it’s around 1m15 or 1m20. The speed isn’t improving as the weeks goes, and I have this general feeling of being tired. My step on the floor aren’t noisy but I don’t have much “spring” in my legs. I am kind of running on auto-pilot, not pushing, just cruising, putting on the milage. I’d like to be running outside but the cold air crept up and February might be a cold one, difficult to do a long run in such condition without overly sweating and then freezing of being drenched.

I have a half planned in two weeks (on Feb 21, ’16). I think it will be a good indicator of the general health. I’ll probably try to get a little more sleep to heal more and be ready. I haven’t ran outside in a while so hopefully, the fresh air and the race mood will help. I am not expecting to break my PR but a 2h15 minutes would be good.