Running on pride, nerves and purely insanely selfish commitment 

In less than two weeks,  I’ll be standing on the Jacques Cartier bridge waiting for the 26th edition of the Montreal marathon. I am not ready.  I really mean it.  I could run the half without much concern but once again, my preparation has been sub par.

I am starting to wonder what i could accomplish given a proper training.  I haven’t went further than 27km inmy long run, I haven’t staked up the mileage in other ways, I haven’t been eating healthy and the kid just started sleeping full nights.

But my problem is,  I’m cheap. And stubborn.  So when I registered tor the marathon last year, I committed myself to do it.  And given that the finishers of the marathon, not the half, are earning a little jacket. I am going to make it through.

But I know I’ll pay the price.  It will test my limits like New York did last year. I might ever hurt myself in the process but fuck it; there are goodies waiting for me at the finish line.  And more pride.