Season recap

Well, it’s been awhile.  I guess now, would be a good time for a season recap and post mortem.

All in all, it has been over a year of running. Let me take a quick look at my Garmin connect..  Wow.  Including my cycling, I went over nearly 700 km this year.  That’s about enough to go to my hometown from my house.  I was not expecting that much.  I’m a little bit surprised and also happy about it.  Okay, so, since it was the first year, lets see what we got.

  • I’ve started running
  • I got to a point where I’m able to run and jog for over 5km without needing to walk.
  • I am now able to jog as the “rest” part of a run
  • I rode 49km on my bike in one ride that took over 2h30m, On a bad weather.
  • I did 10km races, 5k race in snow trails
  • I ran 5k in less that 30 minutes
  • I ran my first Half Marathon (Montreal)
  • I ran  a spartan race sprint, hit the wall but fought through it.
  • Got two plantar fascitis

I know I didn’t break any record or changed anyone else’s life through my journey but it changed mine.  I am feeling great.  I overcame adversity, I experienced the pride that come after the half marathon.

Since my next year will be busy with the house renovation and the arrival of a baby, I think I’ll set the objective of redoing it all over again.Hopefully better time and less injuries, but simply keeping on doing it.  Maybe I’ll throw in a second half marathon in the 2015 season.  Maybe a few more races but keeping on moving forward.

2014 was a nice season, I am glad I started running, I am very happy to feel in much better shape.