Second road to Boston.

It’s been a rocky road after the difficult marathon in Montreal.  I completed with my worst time and the worst run I did. I am not going to go over it again. It’s in the past. In November,  I’ve put my name in the draws for Boston and Chicago marathon at the office.

December,  I’ve joined Melinda’s plank and mile challenge.  I did good on both account. January was an intense Abs challenge.  I bailed out when I found out I was invited to run the 121 Boston marathon on April 17.  To be fair, the Chicago would have been preferable to get one race closer to the major six medal but Boston is something i can’t refuse.

Yeah, so I dropped the abs challenge to get on with a proper marathon training. I’ve been off the long runs since the end of September so I really needed to get serious and mindful about it.  It’s easy to rush, do too much and suffer an injury.  I can’t afford to do that.  Still, the long runs are very important to build endurance and bring your body to be able to sustain the pace for 42.2 km.

I am a programer analyst by trade and I tend to quantify many things. Number usually don’t lie.  Of course, some may read statistics and figure different conclusions but to me, they show the real picture.  So, I opened an excel sheet and I conpiled my mileage from my three previous marathon. New York with a prpper training on an unprepared body, Boston with a semi-good training but running with nothing to lose. Montreal with a very bad training and lack of preparation and some wrong choices on race day.  The numbers, weekly total, longest runs,  number of trainung runs per week, when seen side by side are clearly showing what I did good and what was wrong. Bicycle is good, it definitely helps the cardio. Don’t skip the long runs. And foam roll the legs.

To run in the Canadian winter,  I registered at a gym close to home. Last winter I tried the indoor track but this time, I’m trying the treadmill. I wasn’t sure about it because many said that the TM on long long runs are hard on the mind, they drive you crazy. I guess I am already nuts since it didn’t matter much to me so far. Today, I reached the half marathon mark, not pushing too hard but still going for two hours. 

The next few weeks, I’ll be building endurance on the half marathon distance before ramping up the mileage toward the required length to have a great marathon. 

Next post, I probably go over my trips plan.