Setting the Focus on Boston

From a sponsored spot, I’ll be participating in the 2016 Boston Marathon.

I now have a baseline. I’ve ran a marathon a month ago and I know what it takes, I know how it feels, I know the pain and the strain it puts on the body.  I won’t claim that I am an expert, but I did it, I’ve walked the talk.

I haven’t run since the New York Marathon. My knee is slightly hurting and I wanted to give it time to rest and heal.  At this point, I am considering consulting a physiotherapist again to get that checked.  I’ll resume running in the very near future, if not tonight.  My training schedule is all planned for 16 weeks starting officially on December 27th but I want to get my legs and habit back on the pavement.

I have a goal time in mind but I am not sure I really want to commit to it as I’ll have to train in the winter time in Montreal. Two years ago, I was training in the snow and I didn’t have much fun. Dealing with the weather and the snow and icing rain and the wind, was worst than the effort required itself to go out and train. I’ll try an indoor track to run around and also a treadmill.  I’ve been told that long runs on a treadmill is difficult on the brain but I have no idea yet if it is as bad as running in shitty weather.  I’ll see and I’ll give it a shot. I’ll setup my bike in the basement as a stationary one to use as cross training.

Up to now, there is a lot of “I should and I will” and not much action. I need to shift this momentum to a moving and efficient one.  Procrastination is not an option.  In physical training, A day lost is always hard to get back.