Short timed training

This is going to be crazy.  After a few months of halfly training,  I’ve finally got the confirmation that I’ll be running the 120th Boston marathon.  The scary part is that there is only four weeks left to train. Three weeks if you keep a tampering period before the race itself. This is madness, or maybe I should say it will be an interesting challenge.  Trying to keep a positive mindset here.  I’ve been slacking for a while as I was expecting the bad news that perhaps it was too late to squeeze me in but they did it.  Now, it is my turn to shine.  I need to step up my game and rise to the occasion.

I’ve prepared a shortened version to bring me up and that will have to be enough.  In the last few weeks, I’ve caught a bad cold, went to some funerals out of town, got a molar pulled out and dealt with house mandatory activities when the power went out for almost 24 hours.  Let’s just hope that spring will be warm, that the Sundays weather will be fair and that my body&health will hang in there.