Spartan Race Post-Mortem

All right.  I guess I now can see why I found the Spartan Race a bitch.  First of, because it was meant to be that way.  I had to change the way I was looking at it to clearly figure it all.   In fact, I was not expecting it to be easier, I was overestimating myself and I had a big wake-up call.

Running uphill,
the net climb up then down,
pulling the propane tank up,
running uphill, back down,
then the wall sideways,
then the rope up (burpees),
then back up the hill, with a weighted bag on the shoulder,
followed by the monkey bars,
drank water and
back uphill,
encountered gates to go above and under,
and all the way up to the half mountain,
went on a piped rack
and then under an army net
then down the hill,
to the 30-40 lbs ball to bring across,
more water,
then the spear throw one try (burpees)
then under the barbwire,
over the hay rolls,
through the woods in the slippery mud,
then pulled a weight on a chain,
then flipped the tractor tire,
then above the big wall,
then the tires,
the rings-rope-pipe (burpees)
finally, up and down the slippery 45 degree

I am thinking about next year.  I feel that doing a spartan race is more like a physical and mental test.  Once a year is probably a good way of knowing how bad/good is my shape.

I surely plan on doing less burpees.