Spartan Race – Season 2015

I decided not to participate this year to a Spartan race.  I want to focus on my running, I really want to bring my time to something good during the half Marathon.  I also understand now that to have any type of success on a mud race is to train for it.  I did it in 2014 without proper training and even though I made it through, I felt like  I failed because I was not prepared enough.  I guess I gained a bit of respect toward such races and my expectations.  So  instead of doing it without the drive it takes, I’ll participate another year.

I might also check for another mud run.  I was expecting so much more mud from the Montreal Sprint in 2014.  I mean, it’s on a ski resort.  all the infrastructure is there to soak participant, to get the trail muddy, get participant dirty.  I was dirty, but not as bad as I was hoping.

At the same time, I am closing in to the forties and I got injured in running last summer.  I really don’t want to risk my Half Marathons.  Seems like I can’t do all the things I want any more.  Is this a part of growing old ?